Daily devotions

The Good Seed – Through God’s grace we have been able to publish a further edition of “The Good Seed”. Its aim is to give our readership a daily opportunity of reading and considering a portion of the Bible.

The Bible is no ordinary book of fact or fiction, comment or argument. It is the Word of God, who by this means communicates His thoughts and His will to mankind. Owing to its divine origin it must be held in reverence and regarded as holy. It is often referred to as Holy Scripture.

We are well aware that many do not see the Bible in this light. Much criticism commonly levelled against it is unjustified, because it is expressed by persons whose biblical knowledge, if at all existent, is extremely limited. We would therefore appeal to our readers to approach the Word of God itself and also the verses from it quoted in this edition of “The Good Seed” with an unprejudiced mind. Their experience of life and knowledge of human nature will enable them to judge the validity of its message, even apart from the working of the Holy Spirit.

In the past many readers have expressed their gratitude for the blessing and spiritual help given them through the daily portions. This is an encouragement for us to continue the work, and we pray that God will continue to bless it. We are convinced that many see the uncertainty, unrest and hostility in the world around us with concern and even alarm. True peace of heart and mind can be experienced through faith which gives security in God and the Saviour, Jesus Christ, and that not for this life only but for eternity. The daily messages all have this end in view.

The regular Sunday commentary on the book of Acts will be concluded during the year and succeeded by one on the epistle to the Romans, chapters 1 to 8. We trust that these meditations, too, will prove a blessing to our readers as the theme of God’s salvation for mankind and justification by faith is unfolded.

Finally, we wish all our readers God’s blessing for the year 2017.