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    Caleb and His Loyalty

    Bible Characters    T. Oliver    English
    Caleb and His Loyalty Caleb was one of the less prominent men in the Old Testament, yet he presents one of the most striking examples of loyalty to God, and the Scriptures show that his reward was substantial. From the 14th chapter of Joshua, we learn that Caleb was the son of Jephunneh, a Kenezite […]

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    Studies in the Life of Joseph

    Studies in the Life of Joseph The touching and exquisite story which we are about to consider has been through all ages a choice pleasure ground for young and old for the simple and the sage. It is a story told with admirable simplicity and directness and full of a pathos such as the sacred […]

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    Rahab and Her Friends

    Bible Characters    W. T. P. Wolston    English
    Rahab and Her Friends Joshua 2:1-21; 6:1-27 There is a most instructive comment made by the Spirit of God in the New Testament on this remarkable scene. It is this: “By faith the harlot Rahab perished not with them that believed not, when she had received the spies with peace” (Heb. 11:31). What marked Rahab […]

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    Bible Characters    F. T. H.    English
    Abraham “Let us make us a name,” is the language in Genesis 11, of a people who are going to make themselves secure without God; like one, who, over a thousand years before, heedless that he had been expelled from that presence where happiness alone can be, sought to make himself happy without God, and […]

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    Bible Characters    Henry Rossier    English
    Enoch 1. The Family of Seth There was once a man named Enoch, and two things describe his life: “He walked with God,” and “He was not, for God took him.” It was a sad world in which Enoch lived. The multitude walked in “the way of Cain” who slew his brother, and who, for […]

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